Go check out Snake 360 in the apps section.  Currently Snake 360 is thet 115th top paid arcade app for iPad.
Here's the iTunes link:

Email me if you'd like to review it and need a promo code.

Check out the extended description on the apps page.
Snake 360, the omni-directional version of the game we all know and love, is coming out on April 3rd for iPhone and iPad during the grand opening of the iPad app store
Precision Volume is out! http://bit.ly/4v4AFl Check it out on iTunes through the link or READ MORE about it.
Hopefully coming out within a couple weeks is an app that, in addition to basic music player functionality, remembers what volumes you use for each song, and therefore prevents you from having to change the volume between each song.  To check out the description head on over to the apps page and click read more!

Working on getting the apple account set up.  Hopefully within the next few we'll have some apps out.